SIP Bay Area

This summer, I worked in management consulting at PwC. While I was placed in the Healthcare division, my projects spanned industries and sectors. My first project was a business assessment for a biotech company determining whether or not they should launch an authorized generic drug. The second project was for a tech company that is considering unifying their web marketing platforms across business units. I also had some exposure to the Business Development process for a beverage company. This wide spectrum of projects allowed me to experience consulting from multiple angles, including developing proposals to win work, concluding projects and finalizing deliverables for the client, and working through transition phases in a long-term project.

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to live and work in San Francisco this summer. Interacting with the Bay Area community, including Duke students, Duke alumni, entrepreneurs, and co-workers, was an eye-opening experience that provided me with a perspective of solving problems using technology.

I’m excited to get more involved in entrepreneurship at Duke and RTP in my last year at Duke.


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