Review of SIPMiami

As everyone can easily imagine, internship in Miami has to be fun. On top of that, SIP provided us a very good platform to explore the technology and startup scene in Florida. In addition to daily job tasks at the startup company called Venture Hive, we were invited to a lot of networking events which engaged Duke Alumni from different circles to connect and interact with investors, developers and industry professionals. It was one of these events where I came to know about popular community meet ups encouraging the collision of ideas and striving to build an ecosystem to buttress ventures.2014-07-30 16.22.11


I got to meet very interesting folks at Venture Hive, there was a diversified group of people working on creative ideas from all over the world. The work culture was professional and everyone was eager to help out one another. I enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend this opportunity to anyone who is passionate about entrepreneurship and wants to get his foot in the door.


So far so good

Its going so fast, loving the experience of its kind in Miami. Venture Hive has turned out to be an immense learning experience for me. In addition to the office tasks, the events hosted by Venture Hive have been valuable in expanding my network and learning thoughts of others on entrepreneurship and tech business. SIPMiami arranged events involving Duke Alumni to speak about their careers which have been insightful as well. We were lucky enough to have Chris Martin in SIPMiami team, who told us about most active tech and startup community meetups such as Refresh Miami and TechCocktail. Startup Grind was another event where entrepreneurs, investors and developers could mingle and talk about their ideas and collect constructive feedback. I had always thought of Miami as a vacation resort, but since the launch of incubators like TheLabMiami, VentureHive, and RokkerLabs about two years ago, it has positively transformed into a tech companies launchpad.

Post # 1

Howdy everyone and congratulations on making it to the Duke SIP 2014! I am Ahsaan, currently pursiung Master of Engineering Management and will be working as Content Fellow at Venture Hive, Miami this summer. My undergraduate degree was Electrical engineering with a major in telecommunication systems and I have worked for three years in telecommunication industry in technical planning and RF analyst roles.

Although I have been closely related to entrepreneurship activities including taking online courses, being in startup community discussions, participating in venture contests, this would be my first time working full-time for a startup and I look forward to learning this entirely new dimension of the workplace and how it is different or similar to corporate industry that I have been working in. Venture Hive was closely related in launching the first US-based Microsoft innovation center and I am excited to see what it has to offer to young entrepreneurs in execution of their ventures.