End of Summer for Med3D

Greetings from Med3D! This summer though short, was probably Med3D’s most important summer, as we hope it sees many more summers to come! Our team, as introduced in the previous posts, tried to use this summer to define our milestones, assess the landscape, and advance our prototypes. We loved to be a part of the summer innovation program, as it provided us with new resources and connected us to new doors to knock on as we navigated this important phase! To give you an idea about the kind of things that kept us busy this summer, I can tell you we got ourselves legally informed, connected with regulatory giants, made progress with our multiple sciency partnerships, connected with veteran entrepreneurs, and collected amazing data. Most of all we realized first hand that building a start-up is nothing but hard work, dedication, and drive! We are looking forward to continuing our efforts and enjoy making a system work in front of our eyes! Thanks team SIP for all your support.