The Internship experience- Miami

With me going to Miami for my internship, my friends were more excited about my summer job than one might normally expect. But my internship was special for reasons beyond that extended spring break type feeling that accompanied. One of those reasons was the early introduction to the amazing alumni group here through a SIP Miami event. Miami is booming with the tech startup culture and there are always so many startup networking events happening that one could attend, but Chris Martin & Brooke Levin (Duke Alumnus) introduced some specific events which were worth my time and helped me in making some great connections.

I worked with Venture Hive (a tech based startup incubator/accelerator) as a fellow and Castaclip (an online video streaming startup with their US office inside venture Hive) as a strategy & marketing intern.  My work with Castaclip was very challenging wherein I learnt in & out of media industry, and then I used analytic softwares to crunch the vast amount of user data to develop white paper and strategy on how to expand in US market. With Venture Hive, I was given few vast subjects to research upon and analyse the startup trends, based on that, I wrote papers on those topics for entrepreneurs. The culture inside Venture Hive was very encouraging where people were friendly and very willing to share their knowledge & experiences. My 10 weeks here were, to say the least, extremely well-spent and enriching.